Aug 13, 2009

I listened to the original soundtrack for Jon Moritsugu’s new film on the way to work this morning. Most of the drive, I stared slightly into the blue sky, focusing half my eyes on the telephone company truck in front of me, locked onto the ladders and metal doodads on its roof as the trees, poles, wires and clouds zoomed by. Got a cup of coffee and despite waking up, the soundtrack was still a perfect morning buddy. Good times. Overall, the CD made me think of the term “indie rock,” but that’s selling it short, as I will listen to it much more than once. Songs by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (different mixes), Mel Davis (original themes from the movie), J-Church (cool demo version of “Stars Are Exploding”), Toni Ann (one unreleased song), The Molly Bolts and Camelot (one unreleased song).

 –mike (New City)

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