VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sacramento Records Anthology 1999-2004: Cassette

May 04, 2012

It’s interesting to me that, historically, since the late ‘80s, SacramentoCalifornia has always had a scene and loads of bands which all play a version of punk rock which, while it doesn’t all sound alike, it all seems to be similar in general aesthetic and style. Thinking back to some of the releases on Very Small/Too Many Records that featured Sacramento bands, a lot of really unique stuff has come out of that city. This compilation features everyone’s favorite Sacramento band, The Bananas, along with many other bands I’m familiar with (Horny Mormons, The Knockoffs, etc.) as well as many that I had never heard of before (Rock The Light, The Coz, etc.). Like most compilations, not every track is a winner, but I will say that the majority of this is really cool. This cassette only release is limited to 250 copies, so I would seek this out quick!

 –Mark Twistworthy (Pleasant Screams,

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