VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sacramento Records Anthology: 1999-2004: Cassette

If you’ve been paying attention, then you are aware of the fact that Sacramento harbors many amazing bands. You might have missed some of California’s capitol city’s great offerings even if you have been paying attention, as that’s just the way it goes. Either way, here’s a chance to get some history. Charles Albright’s Sac Records has been documenting some of Sacto’s best for over a decade now. Sacramento tape label Pleasant Screams teamed up with Sac to bring you this here tape that covers the earlier years of Sac Records’ existence. Some of the best from the actual releases fill out the A side while the back is constituted of releases that never materialized, with the only exception I know being the Horny Mormons (Sac did a CD comp of their stuff). Starting off the tape are an excellent track each from The Bananas and The Knockoffs that were harvested from the Sac reissue of the Swimming in the Secret C comp originally on Secret Center, making Pleasant Screams the third Sacto label to put ‘em on a comp! Other highlights that help form the front side are tracks by the goofy Four Eyes (took me over a decade to recognize their awesomeness), Milhouse USA (quite possibly the best female-fronted punk band from Sac ever—Milhouse SMF could give ‘em a run for their money, though), and The Colonels (who will step forth and release a collection of this bands gems?!). Besides Horny Mormons leading off the flip with their killer “Discombobulated” (which mentions biting the mighty Sewer Trout!), you get more screwball tracks from Four Eyes, some aggressive and dancey yet jarring punk numbers from The Gynas, and one of the best songs from popsters Bright Ideas (recorded back in ‘02 with their Saturdays record). Fifteen bands, twenty-six songs, not a dull moment. Extremely recommended.

 –Vincent (Pleasant Screams, / Sacramento,