VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rodentia: The Best of Dark Roots Music: 2 x CD

I discovered that this is a perfect record to listen to while driving the back roads of western South Carolina at midnight. That said, if someone were to make a film in the spirit of Flannery O’Connor’s “Southern Gothic” style or one that features a bunch of zombies wreaking havoc in Bill Faulkner’s YoknapatawphaCounty, this would be the perfect soundtrack. Some songs are alt-country, some are alt-bluegrass, and some sound like a more malevolent and creepy version of early Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. A few songs even sound like a folksy, hillbilly versions of street punk or ‘80s synth-pop. The thirty-plus tunes on this are diverse in sound, but the overall spirit of the record is remarkably consistent, touching those dark corners of life that are filled with fear and dread and occasional touches of black humor. Awesome.

 –Eric Carlson (Devil’s Ruin)