VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rock Against Bush Vol. 1: CD

Apr 13, 2008

This CD is being covered by every music magazine possible, from Rolling Stone down to us. I also see it advertised everywhere. My views are so tiny compared to the others describing this. There are always more than two different points of view in every topic. But the subject of free thought and open discussion is an important one here. Having been in punk a long time, I see the cycle of kids come through every year. One year they are here and, poof, they are gone. Such a small percentage take advantage of the wonderful network it has to offer. So much of the scene seems to be about partying and being macho. You can get that in any scene. There is so much information that is being bypassed because the person is apathetic or has such a low self-esteem that they are a puppet on a string. Bands on this release cater more to the people I’m talking about – bands that play Warped Tour, get radio airplay, and can be bought in most chain stores throughout the country. These are generally the new kids to the scene. These bands play more established venues. These are not the same kids you see at a D.I.Y. show. They are not as educated. But one in fifty or one in a hundred might grasp something and be completely changed forever. This is a great vehicle for this. Lure them in by offering a band that they are a fan of and give them a little more. The bonus DVD is chock full of information. Documentaries, short films, music videos and even a comedy skit to egg on some thought. Thoughts to create independent theory that is based on facts from not only mass media, government, and the education system but from outside sources. Independent media not controlled by large corporations is getting harder and harder to come by. So it’s scary that the most up-front political punk bands of late have been Bad Religion, NOFX, and the Descendents. They actually have a better reach than the most political of punk bands. Even though I’m not a Republican, George W. Bush and the Republican Party is always good for punk. For some reason, when a Democrat is in office, people get complacent. Punk rock was great during the Reagan years and punk rock is great now. The scenes of punk rock may be fragmented and separate but the anger level is up again in a united front. Getting new thought outside of the conformist education and media system is always good. So I commend all the bands on this comp, like Fat bands NOFX, Anti-Flag, Descendents, None More Black, The Epoxies, Against Me! and others and major label bands like Sum 41, Ministry, New Found Glory, Less than Jake, and the Ataris in participating. A second volume is in the works for the summer. A lot of product for what I believe is being marketed at a low price. It’s worth it just for the bonus DVD.

 –don (Fat)

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