VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ritmo Selvagem: 7”

Mar 22, 2016

Either a giant split or a tiny comp, this offering from Porto Alegre’s Yeah You! Records features four of the “most thrilling bands in activity in Brazil.” These groups represent “iê-iê-iê”—or “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”—Brazil’s term for their garage movement that sprang up in the 1960s. Renegades Of Punk are first in line on Side A with “Estes Homens Farrapos (The Beggars),” on which the band’s lively, jangly garage roots show through their growling punk aggression. Ornitorrincos are next with “Lutamos Para Viver (Os Brasas),” a lo-fi entry that belies its contemporary recording via both its production and its vintage punk bop. Side B is home to Futuro’s “Abre, Sou Eu (Beat Boys),” the comp’s standout track that revels in its fist-pumping refrains, nigh psychedelic guitar interlude, and spastic, layered gang vocals. Rounding out the pack is Mahatma Gangue’s “Mundo Vazio (Márcio Greyck),” the former half of which translates to “Empty World” in English. This final track trades in the upbeat, rebellious punk of yore for spasmodically breathy vocals over a mid-tempo, fuzzed-out, three-chord melody that could totally pass for one of the Ramones’ adolescent love ballads—”I Want You Around” comes to mind—if it wasn’t sung in Portuguese. Ritmo Salvagem—or “Wild Beat”—is not only an excellent introduction to Brazilian garage punk, but also an all-around gem of a compilation. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Yeah You!,

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