VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rip Off Records’ Third Wave of Hits: CD

Apr 13, 2008

Imagine that the last comp from Rip Off had been a championship winning team, with superstars like the Rip Offs, the Motards, and Loli and the Chones scoring big points. If that were the case, than this comp would be the team after the championship, when the superstars have been traded away and the franchise is in a rebuilding stage. The Rip Offs have been replaced by a less fleshed out version of themselves in The Infections. The Swindlers fill in the Motards position, but just aren’t up to the same level as the Motards. The Spastics sound like a band that could fill in the shoes of Loli and the Chones. The Registrators are still around from the second comp, and they’re still putting forth a solid effort. And the new additions (Chinese Millionaires and Spites) are respectable players in their own rights, but without the superstars, I just don’t see how this comp is going to make it to the playoffs. If you’re a fan, they’re still worth rooting for. If you’re not sure if you’re a fan, buy the second comp and wait for the fourth when, when Rip Off should pick up blue chip prospects like the Kill-O-Watts and the Tyrades.

 –todd (Rip Off)

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