VARIOUS ARTISTS: Revelation 150: Past Present: Breaking out the Classics: CD

Jan 22, 2011

Heres’s a new compilation where the long-running hardcore label celebrates their history with new and old bands covering material from across the label’s history. I dug the Bold stuff when they tackled Supertouch’s “Searchin’ for the Light” and also when other bands threw out Bold songs. So I guess I may need to get me some Bold, eh? Mikoto’s take on Texas Is The Reason’s “Back and to the Left” was also a standout. And, of course, Walter Schreifels’s contribution doesn’t disappoint because, uh, it’s Walter! The rest of the songs all had a sameness to them that was hard for me to overcome. But fans of this label’s bands will have a field day with this record.

 –koepenick (Revelation)