VARIOUS ARTISTS: Return of the Hot Rod Zombies: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Almost all the tracks were my summer’s staples. A heterogeneous mix of psycho, rockabilly, hillbilly, new country, folk, and even a punk tune or two—whoever finalized the track listing has ample regard for all the artists and styles included. Standalone tracks in one way or another include: Mad Marge And The Stone Cutters, a screamin’ new psycho favorite; Devil Doll, a modern torch vocalist (I’m certain she’d prefer “siren”); Custom Made Scare, an old rockin’ favorite with a startling softer side; Rumble King, fantastically jive, rock, and soul like Freddie King and Johnny Otis and Jerry Lee Lewis; the Southerners, country pickers who should be vaulted to great heights immediately; Chop Tops, very Jack the Ripper with scissors; and some other great shit like Lords Of Altamont, Los Creepers, Turbo AC’s and much, much more… even the songs I didn’t like are very good.

 â€“thiringer (Split 7)