Jan 24, 2008

An interesting four-way with Ciril, Karnvapen Attack (Spain), I Object, and Active Minds (U.K.) who I didn’t know were still an active band. Starting things off is one my favorite bands to go see live. Their mixture of death rock and punk ala Rudimentary Peni is challenging and interesting. A band you have to see live once in your lifetime to really see what their madness truly is. Karnvapen Attack from Spain takes their name from a Mob 47 song, but that is not their primary influence. They take the early ‘80s Scandinavian sound and meld it with pieces of early American hardcore. With the pieces together, they bring forth a forceful attack. I Object has been flying past my radar. I have a couple of their releases I never got around to listening to. I know they tour extensively but I have missed them the few times they have come around my way. Now sitting here listening to them, I am the one who has truly missed out. Straight-ahead, female-fronted hardcore that keeps the songs short and to the point. A ferocious delivery of rage, but they change it up to keep songs from becoming monotonous and generic. They play with the tempo and are not afraid to play with the sounds and notes. But, in the end, their thrashing is what is going to slap you in the ass. Closing the comp is U.K.’s Active Minds. A perfect blend of anarcho punk meets thrash. They have been at it for quite some time now but they have not become complacent. They still question the realities of life and spew it forth with abrasive aggression. Comps are not always my favorites these days, but this one stands out amongst the comps out there that feel like they are full of filler.

 –don (Punks Before Profit)

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