VARIOUS ARTISTS: Retro as Hell – A Tribute to the Dehumanizers: CD

Jul 21, 2011

The title here says all you need to know to suss out what you’re getting into here, with Raw Power, Potbelly (who sound like early White Flag here for some reason), Luxury Esc., Demoni, Barista Suicide, Trauma, Reptilicus Maximus, The Upstairs, Coven (apparently not the ‘60s band responsible for “One Tin Soldier” on the Billy Jack soundtrack) Crom (who turn an originally two minute song into an eleven second song), Citizen Useless, Astrobalance, RXGF, and Howlin’ Houndog each taking a tune from the Dehumanizers’ oeuvre and ostensibly making it their own. The results are about par, meaning the whole endeavor is likely more an honor for the band than it is a revelatory experience for the listener. A song or two might qualify as “good,” but the overwhelming majority tunes here are pedestrian at best.

 –jimmy (P.I.G)