VARIOUS ARTISTS: Respect Your Roots Worldwide: CD

May 08, 2013

A couple of years ago, Roger Miret from Agnostic Front put out a pretty solid compilation of mostly hardcore bands covering old English punk. This time around, he opened it up to “influential songs.” As with most comps, it’s a mixed bag… but with Miret’s pull there’s some top-flight bands on here covering everyone from the Jam, the Damned, to Negative Approach and Social Distortion. For the most part, it’s hardcore bands like Terror, Madball, and Agnostic Front or skinhead bands like Street Dogs, Hudson Falcons, etc. Most of these bands have been round the block, so know how to knock out a tune and the results are definitely more good than bad. Old Firm Casuals’ Madball cover is fire, Ringworm crush Discharge, Beowulf’s GBH is great, and Rancid’s Blitz cover is aces. I’m pretty ambivalent about covers records to be honest, but this one is as good as any I’ve heard.

 –Tim Brooks (Strength,