VARIOUS ARTISTS: Reno: Where Dreams Come to Die: CD

Feb 05, 2009

Someone's gonna argue with me, but I gotta say This Computer Kills is the worst thing on here (I'm exempting the Scurvy Bastards' pirate Oi song, because that's not going to fit in on ANY record). Their two studious forays into dynamic playland just don't cut the high intensity mustard peddled by the rest of the bunch. Bands like Redrum, Headgrenade, the Livid and Vae Victis provide conventional hardcore goods, Iron Lung takes it down in the cellar for the sludge factor, and Bloody Victim meets in the old clearing for a black metal seance (not something you generally get on a punk comp, for sure). Don't get me wrong, This Computer Kills don't ruin the record for me, but I think I would've replaced them with another Livid or All Opposed track and sat back to wait for the laurels to heap on.

 –doug (Sedition)