VARIOUS ARTISTS: Red White and Blue. Who Are You?: 2 x 7”

Jan 21, 2013

This double disc has two bands from the mean little island that I call home (England) and two from Big Brother (USA). Being that Longshot/Pirates Press put this out, you know this will be a quality piece of kit… and it is. I grew up with Cock Sparrer and Abrasive Wheels then the Dropkick Murphys and Workin Stiffs, so however much I laugh at “streetpunk” for being a clownish parody, it’s in my blood and I’m a sucker for the shit when it’s well done; like this package. The U.S. disc has Old Firm Casuals who have proved themselves to be the best at this shit on our side of the pond (irrespective of any Rancid sway) with a short banger about kicking people’s teeth in. Harrington Saints back them up with their ‘Sparrer inspired noise. The U.K. side is equally as solid with Argy Bargy knocking out a sing-a-along number in the vein of a more polished Business featuring London “Face” Watford John and Daryl from Cock Sparrer. Booze And Glory finish things up with an ode to LondonTown, which stands up against the other three even with the obvious nod to ivory tinkler Frankie Flame. This genre can be garbage if handled wrong; these four bands are a blueprint on how to do “streetpunk/oi” in 2012. Good shit.

 –Tim Brooks (Longshot)

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