VARIOUS ARTISTS: Reason to Believe Benefit Comp: CD

Jun 23, 2009

This is a comp put together by the folks at Reason to Believe magazine. In case you are not familiar, they are a hardcore mag out of the UK. The mag is free. In order to help keep it that way, they made this comp. All the proceeds will go to keeping the mag free. Now onto the comp. What can I say but it was really good. It features bands such as Brezhnev, Coche Bomba , Crispus Attucks, Dumbstruck, Endstand, E-150, HHH, Imbalance, Manifesto Jukebox, NNY, Seein Red, Sin Dios, Stand and Unkind. All the bands are from Europe except Crispus Attucks, who are from the USA. As you can tell from the band list, there are better known bands on this comp along with some unknowns as well. (At least unknown to this Yank.) The great thing about this comp is that there was not a dud on it. All the bands were really good. So definitely get this comp. It’s a great comp and helps a great magazine to keep publishing. –Mike Beer

 –guest (Flat Earth)

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