VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ratas de Ciudad: CD

Jul 09, 2007

A corker of a collection of Latino hardcore bands from Chicago’s Southside, including Eske, Jodido, Tras de Nada, Non Fiktion Nois, PKDores, Reacción, and I Attack, respectively. Most of what’s on here speeds by at a nice clip, is lyrically split evenly between English and Spanish, and all of it is top notch. Included in the liner notes is an explanation as to why so many Southside bands play hardcore punk, an answer that, as the product of East L.A.’s punk scene, I can attest is pretty universal. I hope the label makes this an annual “state of the scene” report of sorts for the Southside, with maybe an expansion in the number of bands represented, ‘cause, as Los Crudos illustrated some time ago, the scene in Chicago’s barrios was apparently quite vibrant, indeed, and apparently remains so.

 –jimmy (Southkore)