VARIOUS ARTISTS: Radio Ready - Texas: Volume One: LP

Sep 19, 2013

Rare Texas power pop tunes from 1978-’83, assembled lovingly by Cheap Rewards records. They put out the fine Reactions reissue a short while back and maintain a stellar blog with tunes ranging from Killed by Death (Cheap Rewards also put out the Legionnaires Disease re-ish) to power pop to obscure mungo. The packaging is aces (gatefold sleeve, liner notes about each band, and I got the hook up from an Austin buddy who was able to get me the neon green vinyl!). Fidelity is pretty high and the mastering is loud enough that the two songs recorded in mono keep up with the rest. I can’t pick just one favorite song. Maybe Jemmy Leggs’ “Fireworks” or The Fad’s “Think.” Or The Haskells “Pop Art.” I’m sure promised future volumes will only make my choice that much harder!

 –Sal Lucci (Cheap Rewards,