VARIOUS ARTISTS: Radio Ready – Texas Vol. One: LP

Sep 19, 2013

A collection of some choice power pop from the Lone Star state spanning the years 1978-’83. The tunes—courtesy of Pengwins, Bruce Moody, The Fad, The Haskells, Lawnmowers, Rattlecats, Jemmy Leggs, Amatones, The Spies, The Shades, The Take, True Hearts, and US Mods, respectively—cover all corners of the genre, from Ramonesy bubblegum to twangy Beatle-worship to tambourine-shimmying pop rock, with guitars both fuzzed and clean and enough saccharine-drenched hooks to make yer teeth ache. The verdict? Two words: kick ass.

 –jimmy (Cheap Rewards,