Aug 13, 2009

In the interest of full disclosure, I will offer that I, like some other Razorcake folks, periodically write for Clamor and am one of the proofreaders for each issue. With that said, this isn’t typical fare because it’s much closer to an audio collage of life than it is to the records that most of us listen to. Spoken word, the most analogous genre, doesn’t even come close because these are clearly stories that cleave fairly closely to radio journalism. In theory, this is an hour-long program suitable for broadcasting in its entirety by a radio station. In that sense, the content is much like listening to NPR’s Morning Edition or All Things Considered, only much farther off the beaten path. As one example, one of the most affecting stories focuses on a young man who died after being struck by lightning while dancing on a rooftop in a storm. However, it also makes for an interesting listen outside of radio’s context if you approach it as listening to sound portraits of different lives and stories that fall outside typical media outlets.

 –scott (Clamor)

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