VARIOUS ARTISTS: Quincy Punx WM3: 7”

Jan 22, 2011

How can this not be a win/win situation? Some great bands covering songs by another great band for a great cause. Woooo! I’ve been a fan of Quincy Punx for a long time. We’ve got three songs from an upcoming tribute album and a fourth track exclusive to this record. All four bands are great (P.O.S., Off With Their Heads, 20 Dollar Love, and Torch The Spires) with their respective songs, but it’s Torch The Spires that come out on top for me, mainly because “Tina” is my favorite Quincy Punx song. One hundred percent of the profits from this record go to the defense benefit for the West Memphis Three. Something I can definitely get behind. Great work, folks!

 –ty (Crustacean)

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