VARIOUS ARTISTS: Quarters Vol. 1: 7"

May 14, 2001

Four-way split 7". Small Brown Bike: fantastic, ecstatic, run-down-hill-screaming power with bottle rockets launching out of their pockets. They're a listen akin to a melody assault - kinda like firearms and open arms. Lovesick: thrashy, screamy, acerbic, and grating self-professed Midwest "heartcore." Well-intentioned but not so enjoyable. Keleton DMD: Helmet meets Jawbox. Band plays stop-start, heavy poetic jams. I shrug. Quixote: slowish and herky jerky, so much so, I figure ways to rig the turntable so Small Brown Bike can launch from the other side and do some ass whooping. Song ends. I get beer.

 –todd (Salinger Press, #06 180 Rosetta, Auburn Hills, MI 48326; [email protected])