VARIOUS ARTISTS: Punx Unite—Leaders of Today: CD

Jul 12, 2007

This has all the earmarks of one of those lame ass, cookie-cutter, by-the-numbers punk comps: crazy mohawked dudes on the cover, vaguely political title that instills some nameless "call to action," wacky, pseudo-cut and paste font and the requisite use of the word "punx." But guess what? I really fucking like this. A comp featuring thirty-two bands of the charged hair and bullet belt ilk, but it's all totally solid, anthemic shit. You listen to enough Combat Wounded Veteran and sometimes you forget that it's okay to be melodic, catchy, and mildly repetitive. Certain tracks don't electrocute me the way some of the others do, but nobody on here lags at all. Really nice surprise. Above-and-beyond standouts: Street Brats, The Casualites (I know, I can't believe it either), The Briggs, 86'd, A Global Threat, Drastic Actions, and Wednesday Night Heroes.

 –keith (Charged)