VARIOUS ARTISTS: Punkfest 2009: CD

Obligatory full disclosure blahblahblah: Not only is one of the persons responsible for this comp, specifically the Right Wrong Rev. Paul Putrid, a buddy of mine, one of my old bands also contributed a track. Now that we have that out of the way, lemme say it’s no secret that underneath them gruff exteriors, the average old punker is about as soft-hearted as a melted Three Musketeers bar when it comes to kids, so every year Paul (a vocalist whose crazed live antics are the stuff of legend) and some buddies put on a benefit show and release a compilation to benefit the Detroit Children’s Hospital. The disc currently under discussion is the benefit comp for 2009. Before you start groaning and lamenting about how these comps usually suck and are full of wimpy poseur bands passing off their crappiest tunes to beef up their résumés, lemme give you an in-order rundown of who’s providing the tuneage here: The Nihilistics, Retching Red, The Offenders, Cretin Grims, White Rose, Guerilla Wrench, Kent State, Pork Dukes, Tumors, Noisecult, Satan’s Toilet, Into the Void, The Repressed, and Filth Eater. Those with more than a passing knowledge of punk/hardcore history will recognize more than a few of those names. Further, while the sound quality may occasionally vary from track to track, not a single tune on here is a throwaway, meaning this is prime fodder for cranking loud enough to annoy neighbors three cities away. Besides, the ten bucks you plunk down is going to a good cause. Oh, and keep an eye out for next year’s comp, ’cause as implausible as it seems, word on the street is it’s gonna be even better and will include some seriously heavy hitters.

 –jimmy (Punkfest)