VARIOUS ARTISTS: Punk ‘n’ Pissed: CD

Modern U.K. punk/hardcore of varying qualities here, courtesy of UK Vomit, Citizen Keyne, Total Bloody Chaos, Lowlife UK, Dogsflesh, Poundaflesh, The Fiend, Keysdie Strike, Pedagree Skum, The Septic Psychos, and TMF. A lot of the stuff here suffers from pandering to a well-worn template in dire need of freshening up (a bit of a bummer when one can hear a song and know exactly which Exploited or One Way System album was being listened to at the time said song was written), and in at least one case is dumb in all the wrong ways, but most still manage to transcend the limitations of the UK82-inspired pigeonhole to varying degrees of interest. Ah, what the fuck do I know, anyway? The kids with the patches all over their underwear will eat this shit for breakfast and ask for seconds.

 –jimmy (Unrepentant)