VARIOUS ARTISTS: Punk in the Trunk Bootlegs Vol. 1 – Live at Burger Records 7/19: CD

Nov 13, 2013

Heller Keller play rapid, female-fronted punk and sing songs about cereal and air conditioning. Traps PS sound kinda like the A-Frames and sing songs about really deep shit I can hardly understand. Great Ghosts sound like Half Japanese trying to play the Peanuts theme backwards, and their song topics are not for mortal man to comprehend. Graphic Garrett tells jokes about drinking and manatees, and Suzy’s Dead sound like a Californian version of Patrik Fitzgerald. I would say that this show probably beats whatever I was doing on July 19, but I looked back at my calendar and that was the day I sang “He’s a Whore” with Die Kreuzen so I think we’re going to call it a tie. BEST SONG: Heller Keller, “Cereal Killer” BEST SONG TITLE: Suzy’s Dead, “Fuck July,” though I do not agree with this statement. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Nonstandard slimline DVD case packaging ensures this CD will either be kept in a place of great prominence or else simply discarded! Go big or go home!

 –norb (Punk In The Trunk,