Aug 10, 2009

This is a compilation from one of the my favorite labels, TKO. If you aren’t familiar with this label, crawl out of that damn hole and pay attention. They have been consistently putting of great punk bands since the mid ‘90s. Since then, I can guarantee that there has been at least one TKO CD on high rotation on my CD player at any given time. The Beltones, Reducers S.F., Workin’ Stiffs, Thug Murder, The Bodies, Bonecrusher, Antiseen, and The Forgotten are just eight of twenty-six bands here. Only one song is disappointing. It’s by Guitar Gangsters. It’s not that the song is terrible. It just isn’t that good. Other bands here are Limecell, Niblick Henbane, Terminus City, Sixer, The Generators, US Bombs, Bloody Mutants, Angelic Upstarts, Electric Frankenstein, The Stitches, The Partisans, The Riffs, East Bay Chasers, Hard Skins, Class Assassins, Those Unknown, and American Pig. Get out of that damn hole and check these bands out.

 –toby (TKO)

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