VARIOUS ARTISTS: Psych-Out Christmas: CD

Jun 14, 2014

Ah, Christmas in February, ‘tis the season. Fuck it, I love Christmas any time of the year, and I’m a sucker for a good Christmas song, I kid you not. Strange comp of traditional and original Christmas jams from some pretty big hitters like the Fuzztones, Dead Meadow, Psychic Ills, and even Iggy Fucking Pop!. The title sums it up, it does what it says on the label: psych Christmas songs. Sounds utterly ridiculous I know, but fuck me if it doesn’t work just fine. The Cosmonauts drugged out “It’s Christmas Day” is a wonderful drone workout, Vacants throw in a garage banger, Psychic Ills murder “Run Rudolph,” sounding like Lou Reed on more smack. Not every track is amazing—like the Dead Meadow or Iggy Pop—but as comps go, this one is a scorcher. I will definitely be getting high to this next Christmas. 

 –Tim Brooks (Cleopatra)