VARIOUS ARTISTS: Power for Passion: CD

Oct 23, 2007

This subheading on this states that it contains “power pop 1978-85.” Although by my reckoning most of the stuff is more punk than power pop, there are some real gems here sure to please fans from both camps, including tracks by The Reducers, Stratford Survivors, The Nips (not to be confused with the later Nipple Erectors lineup, who took the name whilst trying to garner more “respectability” before Shane went on to fame and cirrhosis with the Pogues), Matcheads, The Reactors, The Reducers, The Headaches, The Silencers (a post-Shock/pre-Legal Weapon band from LA who, in my LA-centric worldview, provide the best track here, “Boyfriends/Girlfriends”), The Ejectors, The Foreign Objects, Butch Minds the Baby, TV Neats (featuring future PBS-TV chef Ric Orando), and Dennis Most. In all, a good listen, although some better liner notes would’ve been icing on the cake.

 –jimmy (Dionysus)

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