VARIOUS ARTISTS: Personality Disorder: LP

Mar 29, 2011

According to the AZPunk website, this collaboration with the label May Cause Dizziness is their seventh, and latest, comp, and a fine one it is. Like all truly good punk comps, this “collection of Arizona punk” feels more like a showcase for local talent than some bullshit label sampler, and a variety of styles are represented, from lo-fi trashing to more sophisticated fare, courtesy of The Impossible Ones, Japanese Monsters, Casket Life, Streetside Prophet, Hotdog!, The Father Figures, Automatic Erasers, Good Men Die Like Dogs, Lenguas Largas, Cagematch, The Plainfield Butchers, Said Gun, BroLoaf, and Jason DeVore. Hell, even the cover art is brilliant. Only major gripe is that there ain’t a sheet, little booklet thingie, or something else with some info on the bands representing here. Yeah, I imagine no shortage of info on each of them can be found on the website, but I’m an old bastard and prefer paper to processors any day.

 –jimmy (