VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ox Compilation #64: CD

Jun 20, 2007

Not bad, and having a comp CD included in a mag brings me back to the days of reading old issues of Rational Enquirer and the like, back in the mid to late ‘90s—seems like every newsprint punk zine on earth was including comp CDs. It’s a trend that has unfortunately gone the way of Cosmic Bowling and acid-washed jeans. Meanwhile, the standouts: Sludgefeast’s “Outrun Motherfucker,” a Bombshell Rocks songs I haven’t heard before, Tricky Lobsters (who sound eerily like KISS and the Gotohells merged into one carbon-fueled monstrosity), Slackers, and Heresy. Sonic streaks in the underwear: Matchbook Romance, Shocker (ex-L7), and Peter Coretto. But the deal is, this thing already comes with the mag, there’s almost thirty bands from Europe and the States covering the spectrum, and the bad shit doesn’t necessarily outweigh the good. So if you want to brush up on your German, get the mag and listen to this one. Deal.

 –keith (Ox)

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