VARIOUS ARTISTS: Out of the Garage Vol. One: CD

Aug 21, 2009

Okay, damnit, now’s a good time to disregard all preconceived notions that Nashville is nothin’ more than a cartoonish rhinestone-encrusted country’n’western mecca for bug-eyed skoal-lipped truck-drivin’ rednecks and their saggy-faced gum-smackin’ honkytonk floozies ‘cause this deliciously diverse disc proves without a doubt that rock’n’roll in the form of lo-fi indie-rock insanity is loud, alive, and well in Music City, USA. Such sonically corrosive bands as Dharmakaya, Spider Virus, The Obscure, Rebecca Stout, psomni, Fall With Me, and Carter Administration all offer an illustriously varied assortment of dynamic musical proficiency that’s uniquely compelling, comprehensive, and downright original. This is one helluva collection of audial noggin-thumpers from start to finish, and I fully intend to absorb a daily dose of it for the remainder of my brew-knockered days here on earth.

 –guest (Spat!)