VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ostry Dyzur Vol. 2: CD

Nov 28, 2006

I know the following things about this. It’s from Poland and the cover illustration has an American Indian, a punk puking on an interviewers microphone, a guy who looks like Venom from Spider-Man strangling a skinhead, and a girl with dreads and no shirt on involved in some sort of pit. There’s some weird shit going on in Poland. Because there’s no booklet and very little info on the sleeve, I’m assuming this is a comp of punk from Poland but the first track leads off with some smooth rhumba number that towards the end almost turns in to a ska song. After that though we’re off and running. Some songs in English, some not, some okay…some very not. One thing is for sure though, I approve of the use of accordion on a lot of these songs. The accordion is a tragically under utilized instrument in punk. Thank god for Eastern Europe.

 –Steve Stephenson (Pasazer)