VARIOUS ARTISTS: Old Skars And Upstarts 2001: CD

Sep 10, 2009

By far, this is one of the most amazingly spectacular punkrock comps to ever belligerently blast outta my stereo speakers! It’s a full-fledged sonic whirlwind of mayhem, anarchy, chaos, disorder, insurrection, socio-political upheaval, and all-out tumultuous rioting in the streets... it’s the clamorous sound of dissent, insurgency, and boisterous lawlessness... it’s a loud, lively, and unrelenting assaultive affront to mainstream musical mediocrity (an abrasively scornful and big ol’ emphatically shouted “Fuck You!” to corporate radio sterility). Hell yeh, the raucously roarin’ roster of contributin’ bands on this here brainbashin’ disc includes such noisy notables as Duane Peters And The Hunns, The Stitches, The Crowd, The Distillers, Darlington, Throwrag, U.S. Bombs, The Richmond Sluts, The Pushers, The Vigilantes, Smogtown, and many many more! After another listen and one final beer, I shall reverently drop to my brew-knockered knees, bow before Mr. Duane Peters, Disaster Records, and certain precious individuals at Bomp HQ (hi, Betsy!), and then fervently thank them all from the bottom of my alcohol-saturated liver for such an ear-pleasin’ release. Damn, this is the ultimate collection of punkrock rebellion ever compiled!

 –guest (Disaster)

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