Jul 17, 2009

Seventeen songs on this gave me some of this to say: ick, bad, bad-bad, God no!, don’t care, dumb, even worse, boring, oooh funk!, blech, and various others. However, there are two great tracks amidst all that. (Which is a pretty good ratio if you check out the Fueled By Ramen standards.) The Matics and the Arrivals are just so damn good. If you hadn’t noticed by last issue’s cover, we like the Arrivals over here at Razorcake HQ. They just consistently blow me away. Little Dave kept talking about the Matics the weekend that we interviewed the Arrivals, so I’ve been meaning to check them out. This was a hell of a nice cut to be my first taste. There’s a definite similarity to both bands’ sound, but they both put their own spin on it and create something entirely original. If you want a whole buncha crap, get this. If not, just go pick up The Matics and the Arrivals.

 –megan (Thick)