VARIOUS ARTISTS: Oi! Made in Holland: CD

Jul 12, 2007

A decent enough overview of all things oi coming from Holland. Musically, it’s pretty much along the lines of oi from most anywhere else in the world, with gruff vocals and lotsa violent sounding band/song names, like “Bootknife,” “Fuck ’Em Up,” “Another Dead Ref,” “Banner of Thugs,” and the like. Of the twenty-five tracks here, Discipline’s “Hell Is for Heroes” is the standout track, just as it was on their most recent Captain Oi release. Overall, not bad, although I will admit I made a point of not paying any attention to the lyrics lest the illusion be shattered and I would come to the realization that Holland’s batch of baldies were just as lame and thick-skulled as so many of their brethren elsewhere.

 –jimmy (Rebellion)