May 08, 2013

When I was a nipper, this was skinhead music… then it became “streetpunk” and now it’s skinhead music again, which suits me just fine. For me, there’s a very fine line between overweight boneheads playing plodding oi and tough-as-fuck skin music. Old Firm Casuals are pretty much the best at the game. Lars knows how to write a tune and they take the best elements of tough NY hardcore but with a terrace anthem backbone. As always, their tunes are pure class and carry the comp, and while I like Lars’s vocals, the songs Casey (Never Healed) sings are my faves. “I Remain” is a fucking JAM. Razorblade from Holland have a rougher, thuggier sound, and one of their tracks is an anthem for MMA fighter Alistair Overeem, which is pretty hilarious! I’m a sucker for Australian bands like Razar, the Saints, and Rose Tattoo, and the Corps from Oz sound like an oi Rose Tattoo, which works just fine for me. Booze & Glory are the least interesting of the bunch with meat n’ potatoes English oi complete with the vaguely Nationalist song “England Will Never Change.” Too right mate, it’ll always be a shithole! All in all, a really solid comp with some of the better baldie bands.

 –Tim Brooks (Rebellion,