VARIOUS ARTISTS: Obvious Sampler Vol. 1: 7″

This didn’t look very promising. With its sharpied cover, it looked like it was destined for used 7” bin obscurity. Also, calling your compilation a sampler sounds like shameless promotion, not that there’s anything wrong with shameless promotion, but a little more subtlety would give it a less disposable feel and sound less like we’re only supposed to get familiar with these songs so we can buy stuff from the label. Anyway, there are five bands on here with a song each. The Stockyards contribution is a bit of energetic punk with shrieking, spastic vocals and a steady guitar riff. Dharma Dogs is a band that I’ve been playing a lot of after getting their cassette, Drown w/ Moon Rocks + Speed. I’m familiar with the song on here, “Hoka Hey,” and its crazy, dissonant wall of sound. Good track and definitely a band to keep an eye on. The Phantom Scars play a healthy dose of garage rock with a Stiv Bators-sounding guy on vocals. Inflatable Best Friend play sloppy, schlock-art-punk with a spazzed-out lead singer. The Overheaters simply play a quick blast of driving rock. All in all, a pretty good compilation.

 –Craven (Obvious)