VARIOUS ARTISTS: Now That’s What I Call a Dip: CD

This seems to be a compilation of bands who’ve played at a venue in Milwaukee called “The Dipping Station.” Which may or may not feature a menu of dip-able snacks. Not that this has anything to do with the music, but it pleased me because I like delicious food with my beer and punk rock. Anyway, listening to this compilation is kind of like dropping into a scene for one night. You don’t understand any of the inside jokes, but you can listen to the music anyway. Most of these songs are of the short, fast, loud variety (a song called “Snooze” by a band called Elephant Gun clocks in at three minutes and thirty-seven seconds, making it the longest song on the compilation by forty-one seconds). Most of these songs are pretty good and this is probably a delight to the people involved in this scene. For me, it all started to blur together after a while. Catchy standout tracks include Ghost Town Trio’s “I Thought You Were” and Heart Shaped Hate’s “Haircuts,” which refreshingly featured female vocals.

 –jennifer (Self-released, no address listed)