VARIOUS ARTISTS: Nostalgia Del Buio: 2 X CD

Nov 08, 2007

Nostalgia Del Buio isn’t just some record label sampler or a bunch of crappy leftovers from recordings. It is, in fact, quite the opposite. This double disc of forty-three (!) previously unreleased songs is a true labor of love, realized as a collaborative effort between Jessie Eva (The Vanishing) and Manuel Gutierrez (Cochon Records’ head honcho), and mostly spotlights the happening-right-now and hot-to-trot Bay area music scene. I’d love to mention all the bands, and tell you just how fucking good nearly every song on this monster release is, but there simply isn’t enough room. What you should know, though, is that this CD is an essential addition to your collection, and if you love the Phantom Limbs, New Collapse (as they once were), the Husbands, Lost Sounds, Kill Me Tomorrow, Von Iva, Glass Candy et al., you’ll feel like you’ve struck gold. Go online to see if one of your favorite bands is spotlighted here. Chances are, there’ll be at least a few. Spectacular!  –kat (Cochon)