VARIOUS ARTISTS: No Idea Presents: #1 Reason to Move to Gainesville: LP

Jul 02, 2009

Since you’re reading Razorcake or Razorcake online, you’ve probably already heard of this comp since it’s on No Idea. If your mind is anything like mine, you probably saw this comp and thought that it was some label sampler disguised as a comp like there was a lot of in the ‘90s. Don’t let your prejudices fool you. This is definitely not some b.s. Punkorama comp made simply to advertise albums for No Idea. I think that only one of these bands has a (deliberate) release on No Idea. This compilation has eleven bands from Gainesville doing one song each. The bands don’t all sound the same and the sequencing of the record is good. Stand out tracks are by Averkiou, Hometeam (who contribute a track that has the same title as the comp), Nervous Dogs, and The Jammy Dodgers. Bummer tracks are by two of the bands. Pretty all right tracks are by five of the bands. You get a lot of punk, a country track, a more melodic hardcore track, and a couple of really solid alternative tracks. I don’t know if any of the tracks are exclusive to this comp, as I’m rather unfamiliar with all eleven bands on here. Even if none of ‘em are, this comp is still worth checking out if you’re in the same position of unfamiliarity as I am. You’ll most likely find something you wanna hear more of. And that’s the point of comps anyhow, right?

 –Vincent (No Idea)

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