VARIOUS ARTISTS: No Hold Back... All Attack!!!: 2XCD

Aug 13, 2009

Some of the best punk rock and hardcore is coming out of Minneapolis and St. Paul these days, and this comp has solely Twin Cities bands on it. There are amazing songs by some great bands like American Monsters, Dillinger Four, Holding On, Rivethead, The Soviettes, and Sweet Jap. A lot of the bands on here will pleasantly surprise you, too. The variety of sounds on this comp is impressive, covering everything from emo to hardcore to street punk to rockabilly to pop punk to crust to a ton of bands that fit in between genres. Listening to it will make you a believer in the Twin Cities scene. This originally came out on vinyl in a three record set. I bought the records and listened to them a bunch of times, but after the first few listens, I found myself lifting the needle a lot and plunking it down on the next song. Now that I have it on CD, I can just hit the skip button. And that brings up my only knock on this album, which is that they could have cut nearly half of the bands out of it and had one of those legendary comps that every record collection must have. Here’s a good rule to use in the future: if the singer sings with the microphone in his mouth, or if the band name has a reference to a Neitzsche book, don’t include their song on your record. Still, there’s at least thirty good songs on these two discs, and I recommend this comp like a motherfucker.

 –sean (Havoc)

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