Mar 29, 2011

As one can expect from a Sex Pistols/Clash/Damned tribute album, a number of those offering tribute stick close to the original and, for the most part, avoid embarrassing themselves. More interesting, though, are those that choose instead to revamp the originals entirely, even if they don’t quite succeed. As a result, you get a jazzy version of the Pistols’ “Bodies” and a quasi-rap version of “Submission,” an oddly nouveau wave version of the Clash’s “Capital Radio,” and even a string quartet interpretation of the Damned’s “New Rose.” Although it’s probably no surprise that Leatherface’s take on “Melody Lee” is far and away the standout track here, others paying their respects include Attila The Stockbroker, The Bolsheviks, The Blaggers ITA, Terry Edwards, Bleach, The Price, and many others.

 –jimmy (