VARIOUS ARTISTS: No Future - A Tribute Album: CD

May 05, 2015

Titles can be deceiving. This is not just a tribute to The Sex Pistols. The Clash and The Damned are also represented. I feel like I already have semi-decent tributes to the first two in my collection. An all-Damned focus would have stood out a bit more, but what do I know? I will give you my picks from each section, just to be fair. The Bolsheviks take on “Holidays in the Sun” is out of the ordinary. “Washington Bullets” is handled well by Atilla The Stockbroker. Finally, Robb Johnson does a warm and fuzzy take on “Thanks for the Night.” If you don’t already have twenty-five tribute records, then seek this out. 

 –koepenick (Released Emotions)

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