VARIOUS ARTISTS: New York Vs. New Jersey Punk Rock Battle Royale!: CD

May 10, 2007

I’m so torn on this. On the pro side: this is a great comp. The point is to listen to the songs (with bands from both states, including The Ergs!, Unlovables, Hunchback, Steinways, and more) and vote on which ones you like best (with the winning bands from each state doing another 7” of their own, and will then “square off” from there so to speak). It makes this more than just another product for people to buy, offering incentive for people to really take some more interest into this sort of thing. It’s very Minutemen-esque in my opinion. On the con side: I’m going to have to listen to so many New Yorkers telling me why they’re so much better than everywhere else in the world, it’s not even funny.

 –joe (Crafty)

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