VARIOUS ARTISTS: New World Hors D’ Oeuvres Volume Two: 7″EP

Toy Train: Noisy, back-beat driven dementia that’s hypnotic, hooky, and hip hoppy. Fantastically, the song’s narrative is a dark, post-apocalypic story line ala “Warriors of the Wasteland” infused through a shaker of a Mr. Boston’s bartender’s guide (ie: “Bloody Mary didn’t pay for a genocide and tonic” and “My body ached for a hot toti.”). It holds together much better than it sounds. Eternal 13: Soaring, guitar-beautiful skaterock sawed from half of Bloodhag’s body that’s a fun and powerful bludgeon and attack while grinding infinite coping. The Cripples: “Split Apart” – ‘60s synthesizer rock being slaughtered and splattered and crashed about on the hard rocks of gauzey guitars. Makes me think of The Mummies, which is a fine thought. “Miracle” is more standard fuzz rock fare that’s repetitive. My least favorite track of the four. All in all, impressively an diverse 7”, scoring with three cool songs.

 –todd (Extravertigo)