VARIOUS ARTISTS: My America: A Tribute to Quincy Punx: CD

Jan 22, 2011

On one hand, I think it’s pretty cool that Mike Robertson, drummer for old Minneapolis snot-punks Quincy Punx, has become at least mildly politicized. In an effort to lend some kind of meaning to his band’s output, or at least minimize their wasted potential writing a bajillion songs about beer and not giving a fuck, he’s assembled this record. Twenty-eight bands cover Quincy Punx songs, with all the proceeds going to the West Memphis 3 Defense Fund. The WM3 were three teenagers convicted of the 1993 “Satanic cult” murders of three young boys, with little physical evidence to back up the convictions. It’s a fascinating and resoundingly sad story, the investigation itself rife with clusterfucks. On one hand, it’s impressive that the story of these convictions has politicized Robertson to the point that he’s released a benefit record. On the other hand, wouldn’t a straight-up compilation have gotten the point across better? A covers album—especially of these guys—seems pretty unnecessary. The Quincy Punx were pretty crappy the first time around, and even with big names like Off With Their Heads, Misery, and P.O.S. on the bill, this is a pretty lame album. The Ugly Fat Kids covering “Eat a Bowl of Fuck” doesn’t really bring much to the table, and while the intent is admirable, there’s only so many ways you can add some spice and variety to the Quincy Punx catalog.

 –keith (Crustacean)