VARIOUS ARTISTS: Music for the Terraces: CD

Apr 13, 2008

Advertised as an anti-fascist football compilation, this release includes a bonus disc that has videos and pictures to educate that they want racism eradicated from the sport. I’ve read through the years that the racist hooligans were big fans of the sport in Europe and it was a problem before, during, and after the games. I pretty much know that it isn’t a prevalent problem here in the states since the sport here is multi-racial and it’s called soccer. I think we are the only country in world that calls football “soccer.” I played it in school but never became a fan. A mixture of street punk, pop punk and ska. Bands like Klasse Kriminale, The Real McKenzies, The Business with EK77, Derozer and Scrapy are bands that I recognized. A band named 20 Years of Hate play a great ska tune and so do the Braces. It has a lot of German bands I have never heard of. A good introduction to many. Also, anything that supports a cause that I personally agree with is good in my book.

 –don (Mad Butcher)