VARIOUS ARTISTS: Montreal Spirite: A Dare to Care Records Family Compilation: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Look, I know there’s nothing I can say about this that’s going to make you want to buy it. I have never met anyone who actively seeks out comp CDs, especially when the mix tape serves the same purpose with much greater flexibility and much less cost. Making no sense! Anyway, there are some great bands on here—Fifth Hour Hero, Speakeasy, the Insurgent, and Suck La Marde—who sound like a weirded-out Dillinger Four. Good stuff! Unfortunately, one band, La Descente du Coude, starts out with a rockin’ old Lemonheads sound, and then… becomes ska! Oh, the shame! Oh, the horror! This CD is one of those cereal packs with one-serving boxes, including everything from Speakeasy (Corn Pops!) to ska rockers The Planet Smashers (Berry Berry Kix! No thanks!). Except for the ska, good!

 –maddy (Dare to Care)

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