VARIOUS ARTISTS: Mixo de Punko! Vol. 2: CD

Jul 12, 2007

The faux-Spanish title of this now-series of punk comps still sticks in my craw (I bet naming a comp Gringos Going Gaga or A Hectare of Honkies would raise all kindsa hackles), but musically this is a marked improvement over the pop punk crap that permeated the first volume. So far as I’m able to tell, the bulk of the bands here are from California, a number of them residing to the north of Los Angeles County. All but one specialize in hardcore (the lone exception being a noise piece by The Mouse and the Moose) and some heavy hitters are represented here, including KatKiller, Ill Repute, Dr. Know, Bad Samaritans, and The Missing 23rd, with nearly all of them turning in some good work. In short, this is a good compilation (a rarity these days) marred by a truly stupid title.

 –jimmy (LTE)