Mar 27, 2008

This is a twenty-eight track label sampler. Most of the music is noise, experimental, or electronic, in some way or another, but it’s pretty diverse. Too diverse, I’d say. The only band I’m familiar with is Danny And The Nightmares, a band with Daniel Johnston. Back when I was a youngster, I often relied on label samplers and stuff like that as a way to find out about new music. These days of quick information and myspace and all, I find myself overexposed to new music. Why would I want to skip through twenty-eight songs to find something good when I can just poke around online to find something new? Unless it’s an actual album with a theme, like, say, Allied Record’s Music for the Proletariat, a movie soundtrack, or maybe one representing a town; I find that I have no patience at all for compilations these days. But maybe I shouldn’t blame myself or the medium. Maybe it was that while there wasn’t much that was bad on here, nothing stood out. Maybe it was that there were no really good songs to warrant waiting through a lot of okay songs.

 –Craven (Misc. Music, [email protected])